There is an interesting article over at CNN on the spirituality of Steve Jobs.

It basically outlines the spiritual journey he was on and then draws comparisons to the implications of the technology he created. I love Jobs’ devices (although I did switch to Android earlier this year). The computers are amazing and the cultural transformation in which he played a huge part is unquestionable. I am not sure Apple will continue to dominate without him.

What the article does is draw a line between Jobs’ do-it-yourself religious worldview and the values of the company he created. The apple with a bite out of, for example, is a reference to fall of man. The rainbow? Well, go figure. After reading the text I browsed some comments and its clear that this identification of technopaganism ruffles the feathers of the true believers (I have written about technopaganism in popular culture and in the pursuit of alien lifeforms before).

Or perhaps I should say unbelievers. Most of the angst is directed at the fact that somebody, somewhere, considers these technopagans to be religious.

Yes, indeed, you gotta serve somebody.

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