Cuban Mysticism

Cuban Mysticism

With the “opening” of Cuban/American relations I anticipate a large number of Evangelicals wanting to get involved with the country. Truth be told, there was an avenue to work in Cuba doing ministry beforehand, but the gates are now open wider.

Cuba, as most readers will know, is mostly Catholic. However, a growing Evangelical movement has been on the rise over the past few decades. Many American Evangelicals might be surprised to know that Cuba is not Catholic in the same sense that their Catholic neighbors might be. Cuba is really dominated by Santeria/Lucima. This is a religion which infuses the tribal spirituality and religious systems of Africa (Lukumi culture, in particular) with Catholicism. Is it a syncretistic mix of the two. Evangelicals clearly view Santeria as a form of witchcraft. This religion has secret leadership rites (organized around a priest called an Orisha – aka “saint” or Santeria) and the worship of nature is at the core.

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