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Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

This Momentary Marriage

With all of the talk about same-sex marriage in the news, I thought it would be good to post this link to John Piper’s book, “This Momentary Marriage.” Despite the legal wranglings, marriage for Christians means so much more than cohabitation with government endorsement. Let’s not forgot that God created marriage even if man is trying to remake it in his own image.

The Gospel Coalition’s Series on Ministry to Muslims

This is a series that will be dealing with recent debates on contextualization. This is the first in a series, so you can poke around and find a couple of other articles on the same topic.

Sexual Orientation versus the Church

Proponents of gay rights often make the arguement that churches are not being harmed in any way by their efforts. Here is an example where pro-gay legislation which, while seeking to end discrimination, is limiting church rights. On a similar topic, see The Intolerance of Tolerance.

Interesting Article on God’s Bad Behavior

Frank Viola interviews the author of “God Behaving Badly.” What do you think about Old Testament passages in which God smites and destroys?

Returning to Church

Andrea Palpant Dilley talks about her personal journey away from faith and then back to it. This is probably a common path for many and I really liked when she wrote, “My doubt belonged in church.”

Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

The Contextualization Issue in the Orlando Sentinel

Granted, Orlando is home to a number of larger ministries, but I still was surprised to see this issue get coverage in the local newspaper.

The Devastating Plaque of Porn

Pornography is another one of those “victimless crimes” that libertarians seek to protect. Put yourself in the shoes of this parent and ask yourself if it is, in fact, victimless.

Driscoll on a Mission

It looks like Driscoll is taking his efforts to a wider audience. I wish him all the best.

Bullying Christians

The “anti-bullying” campaign shows its true colors. Nobody is in favor of gay bashing but through the portrayal of gay rights as a civil rights issue, Christian views will be outlawed. Religious freedom will be taking a back seat to gay rights and this story highlights our future.

Pregnancy Q & A

A humorous look at pregnancy. I particularly like the last FAQ: Question: Our baby was born lst week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again? Answer: When the kids are in college. I would personally amend that to be “After they are married and making their own money.”

Can you Trust the Theology of a Slave Owner?

Excellent article about Anyabwile’s address on slave-owner and uber-theologian Jonathan Edwards. Too bad Anyabwile hasn’t read Bill Webb’s book, Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals.


I have written before on this blog about technopaganism. This is another expose on the topic and is a social critique of the new religious being birthed from secular scientism.

Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

When Should Christians Engage in Civil Disobedience?

With the Obama administration telling the Catholic Church to just deal with it, the question on the horizon is simple. Will Christians be called upon to stand against this coercive policy on birth control and abortificients (I write “Christians” and not just “Catholic Christians” because whether one is with them on the issue of contraception matters not – the issue is: do we want to see religious freedom eroded in this way)? Mark Coppenger makes an argument which doesn’t extend to the “religiously unreasonable” which is a hard case to make.

Hey! You Can’t Say That!

Great Britain goes further down the politically correct trail with a ban on language that refers to couples with the terms “husband” and “wife.” One argument against gay marriage is that it denigrates heterosexual marriage. This appears to support that argument.

Asians are the fastest growing race group in the United States

With all the talk about illegal immigration from Mexico, you might be surprised to learn that Asians are outgrowing other ethnic groups.

The Other Side of Global Missions

Jason Johnson gives a call to global missions and makes the case that when we seek to change the nations, the nations change us.

Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

Why the Death of the Coptic Pope Matters to Protestants in Egypt

This is a good synopsis of the leadership succession for the Coptic church in Egypt.

Constrained versus Unconstrained

Bill Whittle’s treatment of the differences between two distinct visions of man. If you ever wonder why some Christians come down on the side of conservativism, this video highlights one of the reasons: their view of man.

Evangelicals and Muslims: Oil and Water or Fertile Ministry?

Christian Post article on the instersection between two growing religious communities in the US. Hat tip to Mission Catalyst.

These Caught My Eye

These Caught My Eye

Evangelical Foundations See Surge in Donations

After a few down years, it looks like at least one part of the giving world is rebounding.

When Pot-Smokers Take the Wheel

My libertarian friends argue that potsmoking should be legalized because it’s a victimless crime. Here is an article that suggests why this will complicate life for the rest of us. I believe we will be seeing major changes in the laws governing potsmokers before the decade it out – regardless of who wins the 2012 election.

Contextualization and McCarthyism

Abdul Asad goes where others fear to tread. This February post (pointed out to me just last week) is a response to the missiological activism of those seeking to influence Bible translation. This article makes the point that not only is there an issue regarding translation, but that there is also an issue with the way that critics have gone about making their case. The comments below the article betray the unfortunate tenor of the debate.