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The Worker Bee

The Worker Bee

Here is a little motivational poem I wrote for the seminar, “Overcoming Death by Email”

The Worker Bee,
J. Ted Esler

Oh, to be a worker bee and only think of me,

To go to office, school, or field, or to the factory.

And do a task (and do it well) but not for other’s sake,

No, just the things that must be done, but these without mistake.


To work the hours, to earn the pay, to do the things they ask,

To keep one’s job, yet free oneself from doing extra tasks.

And then one can retire, leave all of this for good,

Look back while reminiscing, doing things one never could.


A lifetime spent just getting by, rewarding? I don’t know.

A lifetime spent in servitude, no purpose there to show.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard and putting in your time,

But time is really all we have, so use it to its prime.

22 Families Executed in Afghanistan

22 Families Executed in Afghanistan

Last night I began getting phone calls and text messages about this. The text message was:

From: (Number Omitted) Msg: Please pray for 22 Christian misionary (sic) families that will be executed today in Afghanistan. Please spread to others fast.

I am a skeptic and I have not been able to find any verifiable evidence that suggests that this text message is true. The “families” part seems very suspect to me as well as the specificity of the “22.” The sensational nature of the whole thing also makes me wonder.

Anybody know anything?

Getting Artsy with Photoshop

Getting Artsy with Photoshop

Sometimes I get that urge to do something artistic. Last week LifeHacker posted an article about making “Small Planet” images. I happened to be in the small Minneapolis suburb I grew up in called Spring Lake Park. I snapped a quick set of photos and created an SLP Small World (my hometown is “famous” for it’s patriotic water tower):

SLP Small World

You can click it to see a bigger version…

Karaoke Pays Off

Karaoke Pays Off

As most of my reader will know, I play in a band (bass and trombone) that does mainly classic rock. I love playing and it’s a fun thing to do. Every guy has that little dream that someday they will be a rock star – right?

Check this amazing story out. It’s a true story about how an credit manager from Home Depot became the lead singer for Boston.