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Suffering in China

Suffering in China

This just in from an American living in China:

It has been a week of great suffering for the southern part of China,Sichuan area and it’s impossible to make sense of it all. A sister in the h.c. asked me last night if it was the sin of the country or of the world that caused this to happen. My only answer to her is that the cry of our heart’s is all the more, “Come, Lord Jesus,come quickly.” The urgency to spread the good news is at hand and a tragedy like this only makes us think of how many people died without hearing the name of Jesus.

If you want to give financially to assist in this disaster, here’s how:

  1. Use this link for donations to Pioneers:
  2. It will ask “Please accept my gift for:” and choose “Other”
  3. Use account number #150262
  4. Under “Special Instructions” you can put “China Relief” but it’s not necessary if the number is in correctly.

Thanks for considering this need!!