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Top 10 Books on Cross Cultural Mission

Top 10 Books on Cross Cultural Mission

A week or two ago I posted an article entitled Simple Steps for Eternal Consequences. This was something I wrote some years ago. It includes a list of books to read on cross-cultural mission. The list is old and outdated, referring to a previous generation’s stories.

What books would be on list for today’s cross-cultural worker? Help me develop a new list! I would assume that these titles would be Islamic oriented (as opposed to tribal), urban (instead of rural), etc.

Here is a start… pulling from my top recommendations that I have made over the past few years. None of these are similar to the original list, though.

  1. Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin
  2. Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours by Roland Allen
  3. Transforming Mission by Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission by David Bosch (or, cut to the cliff notes version and get A Reader’s Guide to Transforming Mission by Stan Nussbaum

That’s a start… please use the comments to add to this list.