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Simple Steps for Eternal Consequences

Simple Steps for Eternal Consequences

This is a list of 12 things anybody can do to get started on building their heart for the world’s people. I have used this list at various speaking engagements when people say, “I am not ready to actually go, what can I do to get started?”

– Ted

1. Personally “adopt” a country or people group

• Be an expert on one country or people group
• Prepare a one-page overview of this country for others to pray through
• Discover mission agencies, if any, that are working there – pray for them
• Share your burden for this country or people group with others

2. Read books about missionaries and missionary efforts

“Peace Child” by Don Richardson
“Lords of the Earth” by Don Richardson
“Shadow of the Almighty” by Jim Elliot
“Bruchko” by Bruce Olsen

3. Befriend Internationals

• If you are a student, meet them on campus
• Invite an international to Christmas,
• Thanksgiving, or some other holiday
• Help settle an immigrant to Canada
• Invite a foreign student to live with you

4. Become active in your church’s missionary programs

• Learn the names of your church’s missionaries
• Host a missionary family who is visiting (for dinner or longer!)
• Request newsletter from your church’s missionaries – pray!
• Join the missions committee

5. Keep the world in front of you day to day

• Put a world map up at your workplace
• Tape another one to your bathroom mirror
• Tape a small map into your Bible
• Put a small globe on your desk at work. Be creative!

6. Study the world

• Study the Bible looking for God’s heart for the world’s people Genesis 12:1-3
• Can you name the countries of the world? How about their capitols?
• What is the country known for?
• What is the spiritual condition of each country?

7. Become a consumer of World News

• Read it on the internet
• Watch it on TV
• Listen to it on the radio
• Decipher the “story behind the story” for the Kingdom of God –
• Start a prayer list from headlines

8. Systematically pray for the world

• Get Operation World and pray for one country a day
• Get on one email list which highlights global prayer needs
• • Find someone who will hold you accountable
• Cover the world in prayer—Block out a country with a highlighter each time you pray for it

9. Personally adopt a missionary

• Learn all you can about their country and people group
• Write them regularly – even if they don’t respond
• Remember their birthdays and anniversaries, send a care package
• Pray for them daily

10. Give

• Give regularly
• Give sacrificially
• Give with a plan
• Give strategically

11. Go short term

• Don’t make excuses—make plans: virtually everybody can go at least once in their lifetime
• Don’t go where there are many Christians: go to the unreached
• Don’t go alone: visit a team who can follow-up on your efforts
• Don’t go as a tourist: go as a learner—adapt to their culture

12. Go long term

• Make yourself available for God to open or close the door
• Take the course “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement”
• Contact missions agencies and ask about opportunities
• Tell your pastor about your desire

Marketing Genius

Marketing Genius

I received a copy of the “Marketing Genius” book summary this week. I think it has an interesting little snippet about mapping the current environment. They look at the following:

Hot Spots – This is where demand converges and everybody wants to play (for example, all phone companies want to deliver multi-media capabilities).
Cool Places – Trend setting product design and development (currently it is electric cars among the auto industry).
White Spaces – Nobody is there quite yet, but new opportunities will emerge (cashless wallets).
Black Holes – Technology has shifted substantially and obviated some entire market players (iTunes kiling record stores, for example).

What would be some examples in the church and missions world?

Here are a few of my ideas:

Hot Spots: Church planting, multi-site (for mega-churches),
Cool Places: Missional churches, Business as Mission
White Spaces: Truly distributed e-churches? New denominationalism (when mega-churches start their own churches under their “brand.”
Black Holes: Denominations

Are Western missionary structures part of the “Black Hole?” Hard to say. Westerners, like all Christians, will always have an obligation to GO. So, the role will change, but I don’t think it can be dismissed.

Book reference: Marketing Genius by Peter Fisk