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Missions Catalyst

Missions Catalyst

Missions Catalyst e-Magazine is a free, weekly electronic missions digest designed to inspire and equip Christians worldwide for global ministry. Please use it for your prayers, pass along what you learn to others, and forward this edition to anyone you think might be interested.

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MOROCCO – TV Series Broadcasts Christian Testimonies

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – 106-year-old Chief Baptized

PHILIPPINES – War in Mindanao

MYANMAR – Orphans Reaching Out

IRAN – Parliament Favors Death Penalty for Apostasy

MOROCCO – TV Series Broadcasts Christian Testimonies
Source: Arab Vision Prayer Letter, September 12, 2008

“A distinct change in my life began when I was in university. One day, a fellow student told me something strange; she had heard on a radio station that a person called Christ would soon come to the earth accompanied by signs, wonders, earthquakes, and unusual events as evidence that he is the King.

“As an atheist I laughed at her foolish words. I remember clearly when she told me that the radio program declared plainly that the following Wednesday there would be earthquakes as a testimony to his coming. I couldn’t wait [for] the next Wednesday to come so I could [ridicule] her again.

“I was enjoying myself and sitting comfortably when an earthquake shook right there in the classroom. I became very afraid, not because of the quake itself, but because perhaps what the Christians were saying was true after all!

“From that day I decided to find out if there is a God in this world or not. And if he does exist, who is he and what does he expect from us?”