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Laotian People Movement

Laotian People Movement

The following text is from a newsletter I received last week from an indigenous Thai ministry. This ministry is reaching out across the border in Laos. The media and Hollywood actors are portraying Buddhism as a peaceful, loving religion. The persecution noted below is a direct result of Buddhist adherents.

It is important to note that persecution is cited as an early indicator that a movement is underway or about to happen. If you would like to give to this ministry please write me and I will connect you with them.

Laotian People Movement

The movement of the Spirit of God among the Bru people group in Savannaket and Saravan area in southern Laos can be called people movement. The first Bru believer, A-Koy,came to know Christ because of a Christian relief organization passing out medicine in his village. At that time, he was the official deputy head of his district.

He became a believer but remained silent until he was discovered and imprisoned 4 times for his faith. In the first 3 imprisonments, he was imprisoned alone. But during his 4th imprisonment, he was imprisoned along with his wife. After the last imprisonment in 1999, they were evicted from their village, Chiang Salee, in Nong district (Savannakhet) and they have been living in a small village outside of Savannakhet city. Our ministry provided them with a home. A-Koy remained faithful to the faith until his death. He passed away the beginning of April (2008). He was the first believer among the Bru people group.

Since the year 2000, the Spirit of God has been moving to bring the Bru to Himself. Starting with one person, they are now numbered 2,160 believers: 1,200 in Phin district, 700 in Nong district, and 700 in Sepon district. The other 60 believers are located in Ta-oil district of Saravan. The highest number of conversion occurred in 2003 with 16 villages consisted of all Bru people group turned to Christ.

On April 15, the military and police authorities have again ordered the believers in Katin village to cease the practice of Christian worship or face heavy punishment. Since the last order by the authority on March 24 (2008), the church leaders and the believers in this village remained faithful to their Christian faith and have continued in steadfastness in Christ. Pray that they will continue standing strong for the Lord.